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What are the consequences of back tax returns? If you did not file a tax return, also commonly known as “back tax returns,” the IRS will file one for you, based on reported income without considering applicable tax credits, itemized deductions or business deductions in its calculations. As a result, you will not be eligible for a payment plan for your tax debt, and IRS may start its collection process by garnishing your wages to pay the delinquent tax debts. When you are unfiled for many years, the IRS can deem that as a tax evasion.

In these situations, it is critical to hire a tax attorney who will help you to minimize the unfiled federal tax returns consequences and help you eliminate or reduce back taxes and penalties. Based in Bellevue and serving Washington State and Seattle, attorney Olga Guzhva has years of experience helping clients handle back tax returns. To consult with us about our tax attorney services and whether they are right for you, we welcome you to contact Guzhva Law Firm to schedule a free phone evaluation.

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At Guzhva Law Firm, we are providing thoughtful solutions and measurable value to each individual situation. Because U.S. tax law and regulations are complicated and constantly changing, it is important that you obtain up to date information about the provisions that apply to you to prevent costly mistakes.

Because the IRS enforced collection procedures can seriously disrupt the taxpayer’s business and employment relationships and jeopardize the taxpayer’s credit rating, it is important to attempt to negotiate a settlement before IRS files a Notice of Federal Tax Lien.

Our tax attorney can help you to negotiate a fair offer in compromise and installment agreement that will not ruin your family’s finances. We can help prevent IRS wage garnishment and stop imposed liens and levies for tax delinquencies. We can represent you in the Tax Court.

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