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With offices in Washington State, in Bellevue near Seattle, attorney Olga Guzhva works with visitors, students, investors and others from throughout the world to obtain U.S. non-immigrant visas. To consult with us about our immigration attorney services and how we can help you, we welcome you to contact Guzhva Law Firm to schedule a free phone evaluation.

What is a Non-Immigrant Visa?

Non-Immigrant visa is en entry document allowing applicant to enter the United States for a temporary period of time and is restricted to the activity consistent with the specific visa. Most visas are multiple entry type. Some visas are a single entry type, meaning that once left you can’t return on that visa, even if the time still remains before its expiration date. There are many kinds of nonimmigrant visas with the most popular B-2 visitors, E-2 investors or F-1 students.

Visa Intent

When an applicant receives a non-immigrant visa, the U.S. government assumes that s/he will perform a specific activity while in America, and then return to his/her native country upon visa expiration date.

At the interview, the applicant must prove to the satisfaction of the consular officer that his/hers “intended activities are consistent with the claimed nonimmigrant status.” There are certain non-immigrant visas categories that allow applying for a Green Card without worrying about immigrant intent. By law, immigrant intent is not a factor for consideration in H-1A, H-1B, L, O and P visa application.

U.S. Visa Requirements

All non-immigrant petitions and certificates of eligibility indicate the desired starting and expiration dates of the visa. Non-immigrant visa applicant needs a passport valid for six months beyond the time of anticipated stay. When entering the United States, a visa holder will receive an I-94 card with the date when s/he must depart from the United States.

To receive H-1B, L, O, P and Q work visas, a petition must be approved by the USCIS. F-1 student, M-student and J-exchange-student visas require certificates of eligibility issued by a U.S. school or employer. These visas can be approved for maximum periods of three to five years, but an applicant will receive only as much time as requested and only for the specific period between the dates listed on the petition or certificate of eligibility form.

We Can Help You

At Guzhva Law Firm, we are providing thoughtful solutions and measurable value to each individual situation. Because U.S. immigration law and regulations significantly affect how foreign nationals may qualify for non-immigrant visas, it is important that you obtain up to date information about the provisions that apply to you.

Our Seattle immigration attorney can help you prepare the forms and supporting documents with much less of your time involved and with much more accuracy. Furthermore, the attorney will be able to inform you of any potential problems in your particular case and how to improve your chances of success.

To schedule a consultation with an immigration attorney for U.S. visas, please contact us today.

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