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With offices in Washington State, in Bellevue near Seattle, attorney Olga Guzhva works with individuals, families, employers and investors to obtain U.S. green cards. To consult with us about our immigration attorney services and how we can help you, we welcome you to contact Guzhva Law Firm to schedule a free phone evaluation.

Ways to Get a U.S. Green Card

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) distinguish nine categories of Green Card applicants, some of whom are immediately eligible for Green Cards, while others must wait until an immigrant visa is available. Each category is based on a family relationship, or on a job offer, or on an investment in the United States, or on a refugee or asylee status of an applicant.

Green Cards and U.S. Citizenship

Green Card holders can, after a certain time, apply for the U.S. citizenship.

Diversity Visa: Green Card Lottery

To ensure a varied ethnic diversity, a certain number of Green Cards are given to people from countries that in recent years sent the fewest number of immigrants to the U.S. The method used for distributing these Green Cards is a random selection by a computer, so the program is popularly known as the Green Card lottery.

How to Keep Your Green Card

Once you receive a Green Card, there are only two conditions required to keep it for life. First, you must not become removable or inadmissible. The most common way of doing so is to be convicted of a serious crime. The second requirement is that you not abandon the United States as your permanent residence.

Residence, for immigration purposes, depends on your intent when you depart the country. If you live the United States, it is best to come back within six months. It is a common misconception that to keep your Green Card all you need to do is enter the United States at least once a year. The fact is that if you ever leave with the intention of making some other country your permanent home, you give up your U.S. residency when you go.

Travel Permit for Green Card Holders

On the other hand, remaining outside the United States for more than one year does not mean you have automatically given up your Green Card. If your absence was intended from the start to be only temporary, you may still keep your permanent residence status. Staying away for more than one year does mean, however, that you may no longer use your Green Card as a U.S. entry document. Under these circumstances, you must either apply at a U.S. consulate for a special immigrant visa as a returning resident or you must plan ahead and get what is known as a reentry permit. The USCIS can allow you to stay away for up to two years. You should apply for this privilege before leaving the United States. If you want to stay away for more than two years, you must return briefly and apply for another reentry permit by filing out Form I-131.

We Can Help You

At Guzhva Law Firm, we are providing thoughtful solutions and measurable value to each individual situation. Because U.S. immigration law and regulations significantly affect how foreign nationals may qualify for immigrant visas, it is important that you obtain up to date information about the provisions that apply to you.

Our Seattle immigration attorney can help you prepare the forms and supporting documents with much less of your time involved and with much more accuracy. Furthermore, the attorney will be able to inform you of any potential problems in your particular case and how to improve your chances of success.

To schedule a consultation with an immigration attorney for green cards, please contact us today.

Immigrant Visas

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