Why Should You Hire A Green Card Immigration Attorney?

There are many benefits of obtaining a U.S. green card, which is why so many immigrants apply for a green cards as soon as they are eligible. The process of getting a Green Card in the United States can be daunting. However the process can be simple and worry-free if you hire the right green card immigration attorney in Seattle. With an attorney on your side, you’re sure to find the process much easier to navigate. But is an attorney really necessary? This blog discusses the reasons why hiring an attorney is a great idea.

During The Trump Administration

Did you know President Donald Trump has supported the reduction of the number of green cards available and has endorsed an elimination of the green card lottery? Also, the Trump Administration may soon place new limits on legal immigration with regulatory changes that would penalize newcomers just because they could use public benefits in the U.S.

Currently, the process of obtaining a family-based green card or employment-based visa became less certain, often results in the request for additional evidence (RFEs), and the USCIS processing times are much longer than before.

Often, applicants or their sponsoring relatives make mistakes in completing the required forms, or don’t prepare the filing package according the established requirements. It results in the denials of the applications or petitions and may result in an authorized stay and inadmissibility issues. Sometimes, a beneficiary’s immigration history or criminal record has issues which must be addressed to qualify for a certain immigrant visa or status change. And, if and you have a child that could reach age twenty-one before your permanent residence status is granted, your mistakes could substantially affect your family.

Obtain a U.S. Green Card without Any Trouble

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) distinguish nine preference categories of Green Card applicants; some are immediately eligible for Green Cards, while others must wait until an immigrant visa is available. Each category is based on an investment in the United States, or a job offer, or a family relationship, etc. Thus, it’s necessary to consult with an immigration attorney to determine the best approach that works in your situation. By hiring an immigration visa attorney in Seattle, we will help you prepare all required forms and supporting documents. Our experience immigration attorney would inform you of any potential problems in your case. This improves your chances of success!

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