Have You Received a Notice of Intent to Levy from IRS? Here is What You Have to Do

‘Notice of Intent to Levy’ is a notice that IRS sends if you have seriously delinquent tax debt that you haven’t tried to resolve and IRS has planned to seize your assets. The IRS must send you a notice the first time, and it cannot take your p… Read More
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Does Immigration Backlogs Have Reached “Crisis” Levels under Trump Administration?

In the last few years, immigration case processing times have increased dramatically. This delay in immigration processing causes a negative impact on U.S. businesses and immigrant families that leads to gaps in work authorization and even loss of em… Read More
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Visa Categories for Employment-based Immigrant Visa (Green Cards)

Foreign individuals working in the United States can become a lawful permanent resident by obtaining employment-based green card. To receive an employment-based green card, two lucky things need to happen: The worker needs to receive a job offer from… Read More
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F/J/M Unlawful Presence Policy Alert

It is now more than 180 days since implementation of the new unlawful presence policy by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) affecting F-1 students, M-1 students, and J-1 scholars, as well as their dependents. Read more her… Read More
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Employment-Based Visa Classification – Temporary Employment on a Non-Immigrant Visa

In the US, there are several paths available for foreigners to work either temporarily or permanently. U.S. employers are permitted to hire and petition for foreign workers for temporary employment according to the terms of the specific non-immigrant… Read More
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USCIS Issues Final Rule on Registration Requirement for Petitioners Seeking To File H-1B Petitions on Behalf of Cap-Subject Aliens.

The Department of Homeland Security’s final rule titled “Registration Requirement for Petitioners Seeking To File H-1B Petitions on Behalf of Cap-Subject Aliens” has been published and is available at… Read More
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Family Immigration - Protect Your American Dream

The United States is a beacon, which offers a chance to succeed and embrace new beginnings. One method of obtaining lawful permanent residency is through a qualifying relative who is either a lawful permanent resident or a United States citizen. The… Read More
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Eligibility Criteria for Green Card for Employment-Based Immigrants

Did you know each year a maximum of 140,000 applicants are awarded green cards in employment-based categories? The employment-based immigration process allows eligible alien workers to live and work in the United States. EB-employees and their immedi… Read More
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The Final Update on Immigration in 2018

Did you know about 2.2 million immigrants stand to be affected by the policies across California, including an estimated 27,000 in the Sacramento area that uses public assistance programs? Recent research from the UCLA Center for Health Policy Resear… Read More
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Don’t Let Wage Garnishments and Bank Levy Cripple Your Finances! Find out What Your Options Are

Are you struggling to pay off your taxes? If so, the IRS could begin collection process. The IRS has access to all your financial records, and it knows how much money you have and where you keep it. Wage garnishment not only leaves you short of money… Read More
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